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Quality and Purity

At Gheemagik, we source our milk from Indian grass-fed cows known for their protein, ensuring the highest quality of ghee. Our cows graze freely on natural pastures, providing milk that is pure and free from artificial additives.

Authentic Ghee-Making Process:

1. Boil Raw Milk: Start with fresh, raw milk sourced from grass-fed Indian cows. Bring it to a gentle boil.

2. Make Curd Using a Mud pot: Once the milk cools down, culture it using a mud pot to enhance the probiotic content.

3. Churn Butter from Curd: Use a traditional wooden churner to separate the butter from the curd, ensuring a rich, creamy texture.

4. Clarify Butter into Ghee: Slowly heat the butter in brass bowls, skimming off impurities to produce pure, golden ghee. Finally, let it cool and pack in airtight containers.

Health Benefits of Pure Cow Ghee:

Our ghee offers numerous health benefits, including:

- Improved digestion and nutrient absorption

- High levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins

- Anti-inflammatory properties


 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pure Cow Ghee?

Pure made from butter of Indian Grass-fed cows. Our pure cow ghee are rich in butyrate, Lactose Free, Rich in Vitamins & Nutrients and Gut Friendly.


2. Is Pure Cow Ghee lactose-free?

While not completely lactose-free, the ghee-making process removes most of the lactose, making it suitable for most lactose-sensitive individuals.


 Why Choose Our Ghee?

- Authenticity: Made using traditional methods, our ghee is as genuine as it gets.

- Purity: Free from additives and artificial ingredients, just Pure Cow Ghee.

- Health Benefits: Enjoy the natural health benefits that come from our carefully crafted ghee.


 Experience the Difference

Order now and take a step towards healthier, more flavorful cooking with our Authentic Cow Ghee. Explore our range of traditional oils and start your journey towards wholesome nutrition today.